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At ADS Drilling, we use borehole technology to provide an effective way to access hard-to-reach sources of clean drinking water while also conserving existing freshwater reserves by reducing dependence on surface level sources like rivers and lakes. With its increasing popularity among both public and private entities alike, having your own supply of water has proven to be more than it’s worth time after time.


ADS have been drilling water abstraction boreholes for private, commercial and agricultural use for 25 years, and in that time we’ve developed the skills and expertise to ensure you’re left with an efficient, high-yield borehole. With our varied fleet of rigs we can drill boreholes in almost any location; it doesn’t have to be large, flat or level! We really can reach the parts of your property that other drilling companies would deem impossible to access because we pride ourselves on coming up with a solution to any access issue to achieve a functioning borehole on every site.


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Typically, the technology required will involve the mobilisation of a tracked drilling rig to site, usually with an air compressor and steel casings, rods and drill bits. The borehole is drilled by advancing steel casing through the soils and superficial deposits that overlie the bedrock, and thereafter the borehole can be advanced usually without casing (open-hole method). Air under high pressure is forced down the drilling rods via the rig to ensure that the cuttings are ‘flushed’ back to the surface from the face of the drill bit, meaning that the waste material from the borehole can be managed and disposed of accordingly. The diameters we drill in for this purpose range between 140mm and 250mm, and the depths are generally between 60 to 80 metres, however this depends entirely upon the depth of the water-bearing rock (aquifer) and the depth of the sump required. In certain circumstances, we have drilled boreholes to 200 metres to ensure our client have a ready supply of water at the turn of a tap.

With the cost of water set to rise over the coming years, similarly to the rise in energy costs, now is the perfect time to have your own water supply. The main benefits are you know the purity of your own water, reduced sewerage charges and you are legally able to abstract 20 cubic metres/20,000 litres per day with no license.

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