At ADS, we understand that working on the railways comes with it’s own unique set of challenges; quite often under tight schedules and short possession. Not only have we equipped ourselves and our skilled operatives with all of the necessary safety critical training, but we have dedicated crews offering the following methods to ensure that you get the highest quality data at the right price, but more importantly with the right attitude:


  • Modular Window Sampling - Ideal for platforms, station upgrades and those tricky, hard to reach areas that conventional rigs just can’t reach.
  • Rotary/Dynamic Sampling GT300 Slope Climbing rigs - Perfect for embankments and cuttings and offering the ability to undertake drilling works outside of the possession window.


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  • GT300 Dual-Purpose Slope-Climbing rig – Capable of both rotary and dynamic sampling without the need for a scaffold platform. A favourite of clients investigating slope or embankment failure, proposed UTX or bridge abutments.
  • Excavator-mounted Boom Rig – No possession? No problem! Our rig can be mounted to our own in-house excavator, or to one supplied by you in order to minimise costs and to access positions which otherwise would require complete slope vegetation clearance or specialist access.
  • Conventional Rotary Drilling – With our fleet of small, nimble and highly capable Comacchio 205s we can undertake conventional rotary, Geobor-S wireline and dynamic sampling to depths of over 35 metres.
  • ABS (Automatic Ballast Sampling) – Perfect for obtaining numerous ballast samples for classification and description
  • Concrete Coring – Structural investigations to determine composition and depth of bridge abutments, tunnel linings and facades in all situations. Highly effective when combined with PASMA trained operatives to allow high-level investigations.
  • Cable Percussion – A staple favourite when looking for a low-cost, high-quality solution for new structures, station upgrades and installation of monitoring wells.

With this array of techniques we are confident that we can support your investigation and provide the data you need to complete your design. We have the positive attitude to match our state of the art equipment, ensuring that we can provide a low-cost, proactive and hassle free approach in order to get the job done – First time.

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