ADS is proud to have supported the nation’s highway network since our beginnings in the 1980’s and have been involved in a number of high-profile investigations surrounding subsidence, slope stability, junction improvements and motorway widening schemes. It is our experience in such schemes which give our clients the confidence in our comprehensive approach in supporting their projects and, in turn, manage the various geotechnical risks posed during the expansion and maintenance of the UK’s vast road network.


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The information gathered during our geotechnical drilling helps geotechnical engineers determine soil type, compaction rate and other factors necessary for successful highway and road construction projects. Once all data has been collected and analysed, geotechnical engineers can then develop a plan that ensures the roadway, structures and supporting infrastructure can be designed on high quality data derived from ADS’ drilling activities.


Aside from providing crucial insight into soil characteristics that cannot be seen on the surface, geotechnical drilling can also help identify potential locations where landslips might occur along a given road or highway corridor. Landslips are caused by high water content in soils, which accelerates mass erosion - leading to instability in slopes. Through careful analysis of soils obtained during geotechnical drilling operations, landslip issues can be prevented before they occur by way of mitigation measures such as slope stabilization or rock buttressing systems.

The skills and experience derived from our experience in the sector has led us to offer a variety of services which can take care of all on-site highway geotechnical investigations:


  • Towable Concrete Coring Rig – Capable of pre-drilling road cores in advance of follow-on drilling works meaning that no time is lost penetrating the road surface. Cores can also be obtained through concrete, tarmac or other bonded substrates to facilitate further testing.
  • Hand Pitting Crews – For foundation inspections, investigation of the sub-grade or in advance of drilling works.
  • Dual-Purpose Rotary and Dynamic Sampling Drilling Rigs
  • Slope Climbing Rotary/Dynamic Sampling GT300 Rig – Perfect for investigation of slope failures.
  • Cable Percussive Drilling – a highly cost effective solution.
  • CBR Testing
  • Plate Bearing Tests
  • Installation of Piezometers, VWPs, Inclinometers and Extensometers
  • Ongoing Monitoring Groundwater and Gas Monitoring.
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